Friday, May 4, 2012

Robot Dreams

Robot Dreams
Sara Varon
First Second, 2007
$16.99, Paperback
February 29th, 2012

Genre: Realistic
Age: 8+
Description: Dog sends away for a Build Your Own Robot kit. With his new buddy, Robot, they have fun watching movies and hanging out. When they decide to take a trip in August to a Dog Beach, a horrible accident leaves Robot rusted and unable to move. Seeing no alternative, Dog abandons Robot. The rest of the story follows their lives for the next year as they try to forget that horrible day at the beach.
Opinion: While Varon’s drawings are cute, her story is much deeper than one would assume just by glancing at the cover. In a 200+ page wordless graphic novel so much is actually said. Dog attempts to move on by finding new friends—all of which are fleeting (birds who have to fly south for the winter, a snowman that melts once summer comes) and Robot is left to dreaming of a better existence. In the end, they each move on by finding new friends and family but the story is an emotional look at the nature of friendship and loss.

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