Friday, May 4, 2012

We Were There, Volume 3

We Were There, Volume 3
Yuki Obata
Viz Media, 2009
$8.99, Paperback
March 9th, 2012

Genre: Realistic, Romance
Age: 14+
Description: Volume three continues the story of Nana and Yano. In this volume, Nana discovers that something must have happened between Yano and Yamamoto, Nana-san’s younger sister, and she worries about asking Yano about it. When she finally does, he assures her that nothing happened yet it seems the boy who doesn’t like lying and betrayal just might be doing it himself. At the end of the volume, Nana decides she’s ready to have sex with Yano. 
Opinion: The art is fun and sweet. The pacing and names are still sometimes confusing but I figure this will get better as the series progresses. This was an award winning series in Japan. I think most girls who are die-hard shojo fans will stick with this series from beginning to end (currently it is up to 15 volumes) despite its slow start and the awkward panel transitions and characters with similar names. After completing this volume, I think the story is slow going but it adds to the mystery of Yano’s past. Luckily, the massive amount of confusion with names and panel transitions has lessened in this volume. Obviously this series is aimed at the older tween since it will be dealing with mature sexual content—as Nana decides she is ready to sleep with Yano.

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