Friday, May 4, 2012

RavensBlight Haunted Papercrafts

RavensBlight Haunted Papercrafts
Ray O’Bannon
Free simple and advanced haunted papercraft templates
March 26th, 2012

Genre: Nonfiction—Crafting (Website)
Age: 10+
Description: RavensBlight is an awesome papercraft site for teens who love horror and all things creepy. Ray O’Bannon designs all of these templates (with new ones appearing quite often) and allows people to download the PDFs of each design for free.
Opinion: RavensBlight offers a variety of haunted paper toys for various skill levels. There are simple designs, such as haunted creatures, origami-like books, and haunted board games, that don’t take much skill or time to construct. There are also more complex designs that take some patience, such as the moving papercrafts and many of the more advanced haunted houses and pirate ships. A teen-tested and approved design is the various 3-D coffins, which average about 30 minutes to construct. Instructions are very detailed. I highly recommend printing out the PDFs on 11 x 17 paper which greatly enlarges the image making the final project larger and much easier to put together. 

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