Friday, May 4, 2012

Zombies Hate Stuff

Zombies Hate Stuff
Greg Stones
Chronicle, 2012
$9.95, Hardcover

Genre: Humor, Picture Books for Older Readers
Age: 12+
Description: In full-page paintings, Stone tells readers various things zombies hate. This includes roosters (a rooster is on zombie’s head and he can’t un-perch it), snowmen (zombie is walking off with a snowman’s head), romance (a female zombie is chasing him). Then we learn about things zombies don’t mind, such as skiing (they get around quicker), mimes (they look pasty and walk slowly too!), (my favorite) outhouses (zombie is hiding in the potty part awaiting an easy victim!) and assistance (zombie is trying to catch a girl and Death shows up to help). Lastly, we learn about what zombies really, really hate—dodge ball (easily knocks off body parts), soccer (two players are playing with zombie’s head), and zip lines (zombie’s arms are attached but his body has fallen off and is falling into space).
Opinion: This is a quick read that is great for reluctant readers, both genders, graphic novel fans, and zombie lovers. The full-page paintings are cute and quirky. Some items are a bit out there (zombies hate moon penguins) while some are so true (like the zip lining). Some even humanize zombies (he likes teddy bears and is seen hugging one). But, of course, in the end zombie loves you—and your brains—the most in a creepy up close portrait. Teens will get a kick out of the quirky humor and some naughty bits one might miss if not observant enough. For example in “Zombies Really Hate . . . Disrespect” shows zombie looking at a mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, and a werewolf who are mooning him and if you look closely at vampire—whose pale white hand almost blends into the background—is flipping zombie off!

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