Friday, May 4, 2012

Mallory’s Super Sleepover

Mallory’s Super Sleepover (Mallory #16)
Laurie Friedman, illustrated by Jennifer Kalis
Darby Creek, 2011
$15.95, Hardcover

Genre: Realistic
Age: 7+
Description: Mallory is turning 10 and she decides the best way to celebrate is with a Super Sleepover! Her parents agree and Mallory and Mary Ann get to work planning the awesomeness. Unfortunately, Mary Ann’s idea of an ultimate sleepover doesn’t necessarily match Mallory’s as Mary Ann believes the more super it is the better. However, her ideas are really cool and Mallory actually talks her parents into agreeing. She invites five of her friends but her parents warn her to be responsible and make sure nothing gets out of hand. When two guests show up unannounced everything starts to fall apart around Mallory as she quickly looses control of seven girls. Cupcake decorating leads to a messy kitchen which gets ignored by the girls filling up (and then throwing) water balloons in the house! When Danielle and Arielle draw on Pamela because she falls asleep first, the whole party is officially ruined when Pamela goes home upset. Will anyone forgive Mallory?
Opinion: This is another solid entry in the Mallory series. This one deals with peer pressure as Mallory’s friends totally disregard her opinions and wreak havoc at her party. In the end, Mallory does find a special way to apologize to everyone.

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