Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spelling B and the Runaway Spell

Spelling B and the Runaway Spell (Spelling B #3)
Lexi Connor
Scholastic, 2009
Republished as B Magical: The Runaway Spell in 2011
$5.99, Paperback
May 2nd, 2012

Genre: Fantasy
Age: 8+
Description: The secret’s out! After trying to convince George he wasn’t cursed by a fraud circus “witch” B exposed herself and her powers to George—who didn’t believe in witches. Now he can’t shut up about B and her awesome spelling powers. With his school’s state soccer championship game fast approaching he asks B is she can make him anything like his favorite professional soccer player a man nicknamed The Italian Zebra. B knows that witches aren’t supposed to use their powers to transform humans in any way but when George keeps pestering her she figures she might as well try—anyway most beginning witches’ spells only last a few minutes to a few hours. What’s the harm? The harm turns out that her concentration went a bit wonky and now George appears to be turning into a zebra—first with some zebra ears and then a tail and stripes. However, it also comes with super speed and strength. Can B figure out how to turn George back into a person or will he keep turning into a zebra and will she get expelled from the magical community?
Opinion: Oh my—this is a cute series! B is a very likable character. The twist of her powers being so rare (spelling words for a spell instead of rhyming) I actually either wasn’t paying much attention or it was a clever twist because I didn’t catch on to the title “Spelling B” until her powers were revealed. I think changing the series title to “B Magical” looses a bit of that cute play on words in the title. The rest of the characters are also well thought out. Her older sister, Dawn, isn’t annoying like most siblings. In fact she actually sticks up for B and helps her with her magical training. Mr. Bishop, the new teacher, turns out to be a mentor from the Magical Society set up to watch B for her magical awakening and then tutor her in her magical studies. He’s a pretty funny character. B also has a best friend, George, and suffers from the “I have a huge secret I can’t tell my best friend” syndrome. A highly recommendable series.

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