Friday, May 4, 2012

Zita the Spacegirl

Zita the Spacegirl
Ben Hatke
First Second, 2011
$10.99, Paperback
March 24th, 2012

Genre: Science Fiction
Age: 8+
Description: Zita and her friend Joseph are playing in a field one day when they come across what appears to be a meteorite and an odd alien-looking device. When Joseph messes with it, the device turns out to be able to open portals to other worlds and it sucks Joseph in. Zita, horribly distraught that she couldn’t save Joseph, decides the only thing she can do is get the portal to open again and hope she winds up where Joseph was taken. She succeeds in opening the portal but the ride was so bumpy it results in the device getting broken. Luckily, Zita meets up with Piper, a man who tells her that their world is going to be destroyed by an asteroid and the evil Scriptorians believe Joseph is the key to stopping this destruction. Zita, with the help of Piper, his giant mouse Mouse, a big monster named Strong Strong, a defective security bot named One, and a doomsday robot on his last legs named Randy, Zita is determined to save Joseph and try to get back home.
Opinion: This was a fun graphic novel unfortunately with a big open ending. I’m hoping the sequel coming out might answer some of the lingering questions. The creatures are actually drawn more solidly on the cover—inside the illustrations are more raggedy which was a little disappointing visually. However, the creatures are cute and creative. I even like the bad guy Screed who looks like a mechanical tentacle creature wearing a scuba diver’s helmet. It is a whimsical story. While guys would enjoy it to, especially give this to girls who are reluctant to try graphic novels.

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