Friday, May 4, 2012

Master of Shadows

Master of Shadows (Elsewhere Chronicles #3)
Graphic Universe, 2009
$17.15 LB
March 14th, 2012

Genre: Fantasy
Age: 9+
Description: Everyone finds a boat and sets sail. They land in a small fishing village. The villagers seem to really like Rebecca—and the kids fail to see a stone stature that looks remarkably like her. They discover the passageway they’ve been looking for is destroyed but notes from Gabe point to one more passageway between worlds that still might be open and they decide to head for it. That night the Master of Shadows shows up taking a big interest in one of the boy’s Polaroid camera which they destroy so he can’t get his hands on it (the flash seems to scare away the Shadow Spies). After a long battle, only one Shadow Spy—one with a face—is left and Ilvanna knows it. Trying to hug it, she dies. Max is devastated. Theo thinks he’s found the passageway and runs off ahead of everyone. Doleann shows up again and forces the kids through the portal. They go to the police who blamed their disappearance on a kidnapping by a local homeless man. They decide to keep quiet about what really happened. Max, who has an abusive mother, decides he’s going to go back to the Shadow World. Meanwhile, the Master of Shadows is shown finding the remains of the camera and a picture snapped of Rebecca.
Opinion: The Elsewhere Chronicles is an interesting premise but in graphic novel format the story really doesn’t come off—it actually would be better as a novel. The world building is just missing. There are too many questions—why is Rebecca important to these people, how did she really get her scar when she was younger, what really causes the horrible memories she has from her childhood? I found out later that there are additional volumes of this Belgium import so hopefully these nagging questions get answered. The art is fun but too dark at times to actually decipher what is going on.

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