Friday, May 4, 2012

Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies

Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies
Andrea Beaty, illustrated by Dan Santat
Amulet, 2010
$12.95, Hardcover
March 9th, 2012

Genre: Humor, Horror, Science Fiction
Age: 8+
Description: Kevin and Jules Rochman are being forced to go to Camp Whatsittooya which is by Lake Whatsosmelly—where “an exceptionally exceptional outdoor experience is guaranteed! No exceptions!”—when their parents, two brilliant SPAM obsessed scientists, are going to a huge SPAM festival. Lucky for the campers, Kevin and Jules have learned a lot about surviving from watching the Late, Late, Late Creepy Show for Insomniacs. When their camp counselors start acting weird and tons (literally) of marshmallows keep disappearing, they and their new friend Nelson are sure something is up. It turns out the camp has been invaded by three FLUFFs—Fierce, Large, Ugly, and Ferocious Furballs—who have had to evacuate their home world via an old space shuttle and end up in Earth where—being sugar obsessed—they plan to hypnotize everyone, fatten them up on candy, and eat them! Luckily for Kevin and Jules, they have a secret weapon at their disposal—if only they could figure out what it is that makes the FLUFFs not like them!
Opinion: A fun mixed media tale (it includes text and sections in graphic novel format), the many chapters are really short and the narrator sometimes addresses the reader (“If you’ve ever fended off FLUFFs now would be a good time to let Kevin and Jules know how you did it”). The FLUFFs are imaginative aliens. Unfortunately, people get eaten but the humor is spot on and both a boy and girl protagonist will appeal to all readers.

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