Friday, May 4, 2012

We Were There, Volume 6

We Were There, Volume 6
Yuki Obata
Viz Media, 2009
$8.99, Paperback
April 14th, 2012

Genre: Realistic, Romance
Age: 14+
Description: Yano and Tak are fighting for the attention of Nana. Tak finally backs down and Yano makes his declaration of love. Nana agrees to try again as long as Yano talks about his feelings for Nana-san. At first he refuses until he finally breaks down and talks about the argument they had the day she died. Nana takes Yano back agreeing to start over. Tak however still longs for Nana. This volume ends with an ominous “Our hearts change like the seasons . . . but we haven’t noticed yet” and a four-panel picture of Yano, Tak, Nana, and Nana-san’s younger sister.
Opinion: While this is an entire volume it seems like another filler volume in the middle of the series. Not much happens except for Nana and Yano finally getting back together.

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