Friday, May 4, 2012


Dan Santat
Arthur A. Levine, 2011
$12.99, Paperback
March 24th, 2012

Genre: Humor, Adventure
Age: 8+
Description: Captain Amazing has protected the citizens of Metro City for years but after a huge battle with four supervillains at the same time, which resulted in the loss of a prototype DNA transferring device, everyone is wondering is Captain Amazing is getting to old for this line of work. He decides he is left with one option—trying, once again, to find a sidekick. However, he cringes at this thought because of the horrible memories associated with his first foray into having a partner—his former cat, Static Cat, got injured on the job and disappeared. This gives his other neglected pets an idea—if Static Cat could be a superhero why can’t they? These pets include Roscoe, a dog who can turn into Metal Mutt (a natural hard exterior along with super strength); Fluffy, a very patriotic hamster who doesn’t know if he has powers but he’s got the attitude needed to get the job done; and Shifty, the new chameleon who, can well, camouflage himself cause, you know, he’s a chameleon and that’s what they do. While out on crime patrol, Fluffy and Shifty meet up with Manny—the pet formerly known as Static Cat. He’s been living on the streets protecting innocent animals as The Claw, the dreaded hero who puts fear in the hearts of evil doers. Can Manny teach these two wimps how to harness their powers in time for Captain America’s auditions? And what is up with that new hero—Wonder Man—who has flown into town and is impressing everyone and why does he look suspiciously familiar to Manny?
Opinion: This is a super fun graphic novel that will appeal to both genders and animal lovers. Guys will love the superhero antics while girls will get a kick out of the anthropomorphic pets. Dan Santat is turning out to be one of my new favorite artists. The art for this story is well done—I believe computer graphically created—and the background of many panels actually contain many hidden details and clues a perceptive readers can take in. Besides an action-packed superhero story here, there is also a really tender story at heart—the love between a human and his pets. One thing that I wish was explained more is how the pets actually get their superpowers and is this a common occurrence or is Captain Amazing just really lucky that he keeps adopting the animals with powers.

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