Friday, May 4, 2012

My Milk Toof: The Adventures of ickle and Lardee

My Milk Toof: The Adventures of ickle and Lardee
Inhae Lee
Chronicle, 2011
$15.95, Hardcover
March 14th, 2012

Genre: Humor
Age: 10+
Description: When Inhae Lee was young she always wondered what happened to her milk teeth (aka baby teeth). Little did she expect that one day, years later, she’d find then standing outside her front door ready to move back in with her. These are the stories of ickle and Lardee’s adventures. In 12 short photographic stories we follow these two baby teeth on everyday adventures told from their perspectives.
Opinion: This book is hilarious and my teens already love it. One day little ickle moves in with his old owner. He asks a lot of questions, the most important being “Did you miss me?” Soon Lardee also shows up and at first he’s a bit annoying but they make friends. We also see the teeth have to take a bath (Lee brushes them with toothpaste instead of soap), go swimming (and get sunburned), have a campout (with a tea light fire), cook some cupcakes (make with whole eggs and orange soda), and more hilarious things. There is also a blog for more of their adventures if readers can’t get enough of them ( Clearly a lot of effort went into making these stories speak for themselves with minimal text captions—and it works. This is great for all ages and especially for readers looking for something a little different.

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