Friday, May 4, 2012

Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: Moving Day

Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: Moving Day (Allie Finkle #1)
Meg Cabot
Scholastic, 2008
$5.99, Paperback
April 9th, 2012

Genre: Humor, Realistic
Age: 8+
Description: Nine-year-old Allie Finkle’s parents drop a bomb on her—they are moving which means that Allie is getting a new home, a new school, and new friends. While her two younger brothers are excited about the move, Allie isn’t. All she has to help her survive is her list of rules, such as the number one rule which is don’t stick a spatula down your best friend’s throat (which she did—her friend wasn’t too happy but it was an accident!). When Allie tells the class annoying boy about her move after promising her best friend Mary Kay she wouldn’t say anything that day because it was Mary Kay’s birthday and the boy tells everyone in class Allie is moving Mary Kay gets really angry with Allie and refuses to speak to her. Meanwhile, Allie sees her new house and is scared of it because it is super old and looks haunted. She’s also mad that her mother is making her give up her geode collection and will do anything in her power to stop this move. Fortunately, she meets a cool next door neighbor and kind of likes the class she might get into at her new school so maybe things won’t turn out to be so bad after all.
Opinion: Meg Cabot is popular because her books are really good. Allie is a fun, young girl. While she likes rules, she also is a science and math nerd while her brother Kevin likes “fancy things (including wanting velvet wallpaper in his new room) which are unusual and refreshing takes on stereotypes of girls and boys these days. Allie is super outspoken. She reminded me of an updated Harriet the Spy, especially in regards to her friend Mary Kay (who is annoying and whiny) who Allie is constantly wondering why she’s friends with her. This is a great start to a younger series by Cabot which does begin in a traditional way—girl finds life disruptive because of a move.

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