Friday, May 4, 2012

Goosebumps: 3 Ghoulish Tales: Terror Trips

Goosebumps: 3 Ghoulish Tales: Terror Trips
Various Authors
Graphix, 2007
$17.99, LB
February 23rd, 2012

Genre: Horror
Age: 9+
  • “One Day at Horrorland” by Jill Thompson: A family of five get horribly lost on a road trip to Zoo Gardens Theme Park and instead find themselves at Horrorland. They decide to stop there and their car explodes leaving them stranded! The kids play on the rides while the parents look for a phone. But when the games become a matter of life and death they start worrying that something isn’t normal with this theme park.
  • “A Shocker on Shock Street” by Jamie Tolagson: Erin and Josh, best friends, get a chance to test the attractions in a new park based on Shocker Studios’ horror movies. But soon it seems like the rides are trying to kill them. 
  • “Deep Trouble” by Amy Kim Ganter: Billy’s uncle is a famous marine biologist. When Billy overhears that he is trying to find a mermaid, Billy tries to find the mermaid first. When she’s caught he tries to save her.
Opinion: All three of these comics are adapted from actual Goosebumps stories. The art really varies from one story to the next. There is a lot of detail in all three which would have been better conveyed if the stories were in color. The black and white makes the detail too messy and confusing at times. This is a fat volume (130 pages) so each story is a decent length (about 50 pages each). It is a good choice for Goosebumps fans and good for reluctant readers too (they could get hooked on the graphic adaptations and move onto the chapter books).

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