Friday, May 4, 2012

Ghost School

Ghost School (Ghost School #1)
S. Purkiss, illustrated by Lynne Chapman
Stone Arch, 2003
$22.60, LB
February 25th, 2012

Genre: Humor, Horror
Age: 7+
Description: Being a ghost is harder than most people think it looks. Spooker Batt is scared of his looming Practical Haunting exam. It doesn’t help that his teacher, Sir Rupert, is out to make sure Spooker fails by assigning him a brand new house to haunt! However, Spooler makes a new friend who just might be able to help him pass as long as the In-Spectors realize that haunting houses can be a happy experience too!
Opinion: I’ve read a lot of Stone Arch books (probably because my own children’s librarian only does collection development from two vendors of which both supply very little in the way of fiction publishers so Stone Arch is overly represented in our children’s collection, but I digress) this year and these were the ones I probably enjoyed the best. Most Stone Arch books are eye catching with their covers but once one reads them one is left pretty disappointed as most of the stories aren’t really well-written. I also don’t like Stone Arch’s idea of genre labeling (this series is labeled “fantasy” which it is not) which most of the time is completely off base. I think one reason why this series worked better is because they were originally published in the United Kingdom—not by Stone Arch—so they don’t follow the usual format for a Stone Arch book. This series is actually longer (100+ pages) so the reader feels more invested in the story and doesn’t feel rushed through nothing but non-stop action. This series is a humorous take on ghosts having to learn the art of haunting and I’d recommend giving it to kids and tweens who like spooky stories but aren’t ready for really scary ones quite yet.

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