Friday, May 4, 2012

Count Karlstein

Count Karlstein
Philip Pullman
$5.99, Paperback
Yearling, 2000
January 9th, 2012

Genre: Mystery
Age: 10+
Description: Count Karlstein is worried about the upcoming All Soul’s Eve—see he kind of made a deal with Zamiel the Demon Huntsman who haunts the forests around Castle Karlstein every year during the Wild Hunt. He usually enjoys eating animal sacrifices but every once in a while he enjoys a nice human sacrifice instead. Karlstein has the perfect plan—instead of allowing Zamiel to eat him he’ll serve up his two young nieces, Lucy and Charlotte in order to save his own life. When Hildi, the maidservant, overhears his deadly plan she sets about trying to save the girls from a horrible end.
Opinion: I had high hopes for this book being an interesting and action-packed mystery. Instead it was very slow paced and quite boring. It had too many characters for readers to follow along with and I really didn’t feel invested in finding out the ultimate fate of the two girls. It was also full of a number of stereotypical plot lines—the missing heir who turns up as one of the main characters in the end and saves the day, etc. 

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