Friday, May 4, 2012

Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty

Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty
Written by G. Neri, illustrated by Randy Duburke
Lee & Low Books, 2010
$16.95, Paperback
February 15th, 2012

Genre: Nonfiction
Age: 14+
Description: Yummy tells the real-life story of Robert “Yummy” Sandifer, an 11-year-old Chicago Black Disciples gang member who became famous in 1994 when he accidentally shot and killed a 14-year-old girl in a shooting gone wrong and eventually was executed by his own gang when they felt the hunt for Yummy was drawing too much attention to their activities. The story is told from the point-of-view of Roger, a fictional classmate.
Opinion: This is a great nonfiction graphic novel that could be used to interest reluctant readers and those learning about gang violence. The art is just as gritty and violent as the story. The story is not very action-packed; it is more a poignant look at Yummy’s life and death which brings up questions of if he was a criminal or a victim himself. Neri also includes an author’s note on why and how he wrote the story and a reference list. Awards: Nearly 25 awards and counting. For a full list see:

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