Friday, May 4, 2012

Princess for Hire

Princess for Hire (Princess for Hire #1)
Lindsey Leavitt
$6.99, Paperback
Hyperion, 2011
January 8th, 2012

Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Romance
Age: 10+
Description: Desi, 13, hates her boring life. She’s got a horrible job as Gladys the Groundhog at the local pet store and her ex-best friend has stolen her long-time crush. After a humiliating encounter at the hands of said ex-best friend, Desi makes a wish for a more glamorous life. That night she sees a want ad in the paper that seems perfect for her—Princess for Hire. Turns out Meredith is an agent for people with MP—magical potential. Desi will be on a probationary period standing in for princesses and other royals who need a vacation from their lives. With the help of her Royal Rouge, she turns into the girl she is “subbing” for and lives their lives for a while. It turns out a royal life isn’t as glamorous as it seems when Desi finds out that everyone has problems and goes about trying to help the girls achieve change in their lives even if that gets her in trouble and possibly eliminated from the agency. 
Opinion: This was a cute fluff story. While some background information is attempted to explain the history of the Royal Rouge and subbing for royals it is never really explained fully. Desi’s adventures as other princesses are funny and her goal to improve upon her subjects’ lives is an honorable one (like helping one girl get her true love or another girl who is picked on by her family make a connection that will allow her to showcase her musical talents to the world). It is a quick read that tween girls will like. Give to anyone who is a fan of princesses in general or Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries books.

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