Friday, April 26, 2013

Adventure Time: Tales from the Land of Ooo

Adventure Time: Tales from the Land of Ooo
Max Brallier (Author), Stephen Reed (Illustrator)
$5.99, Paperback
Price Stern Sloan, 2013

Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Action

Age: 8+

Description: Finn and Jake and all the residents of Ooo get their own picture book for older readers! This short (and small formatted) book features a few stories about Finn and Jake.

Opinion: This is a tiny book (about 64 pages) that is a very quick read (30 minutes tops) that Adventure Time fans will get a quick kick out of. The illustrations are spot on. The stories appear to be taken from some of the episodes while some are original quests to this volume. The writing is simple and stilted at times but that is due to the nature of the book (essentially a picture book). Despite its writing flaws, it is a fun, quick read. As long as your Adventure Time fans don’t mind enjoying a picture book for a few minutes they will find some humor among its pages.

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