Friday, April 26, 2013

Doctor Who Omnibus, Volume 1

Doctor Who Omnibus, Volume 1
$29.99, Paperback
IDW Publishing, 2013

Genre: Science Fiction, Graphic Novel

Age: 12+

Description: An omnibus of Doctor Who comics featuring the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant). It contains “Agent Provocateur” in which a jaunt to find a milkshake nearly kills the Doctor and Martha and six one-shot stories, including “The Whispering Gallery”, “The Time Machination”, “Autopia”, “Cold-Blooded War”, “Room with a Deja View”, and “Black Death, White Life.” The highlight of the collection is the multi-part “The Forgotten,” in which the Doctor can’t remember who he is when he and Martha awake in a museum dedicated to the ten doctors’ lives.

Opinion: A must have for any Doctor Who fan, especially the Tenth Doctor. The first story is fun and whimsical. My favorites of the one-shot comics was “The Whispering Gallery” as it will have you misting up in the end. “The Forgotten” is the best. It not only features the beloved David Tennant but does play homage to the other Doctors that came before him. Any true die-hard Whovian will enjoy seeing the prized items of each Doctor (the Third Doctor’s jeep, the Fourth Doctor’s Jellie Babies) and the fun glimpses into the adventures of the previous Doctors. Also, I love how the older Doctors’ adventures that were black and white on TV are black and white in the comic! As with any other collection of stories, the art and the writing varies from each story to the next. Some art styles where definitely better (more realistic?) than others but, overall, most of the stories were fun.

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