Tuesday, August 13, 2013

“’Taint the Meat . . .It’s the Humanity!” and Other Stories (The EC Library)

“’Taint the Meat . . .It’s the Humanity!” and Other Stories (The EC Library)
Jack Davis
$28.99, Hardcover
Fantagraphics, 2013

Genre: Horror, Graphic Novel

Age: 14+

Description: A new entry in Fantagraphics’ EC Library, Taint the Meat is a celebration of the main EC Tales from the Crypt artist—Jack Davis.

Opinion: I pre-ordered this title the minute I found it available and had to sit through it being pushed back in its release date numerous times (I pre-ordered it in April 2012 and it finally came out in April 2013). I grew up reading the reprinted full-color issues from Gemstone Publishing and loved Tales from the Crypt with a passion. Jack Davis, even if my 10-year-old self had no idea who he was, was the classic artist. This collection, while in black and white, collects every single one of his 24 stories (it seems like it should be more). For any classic fans or teens looking for some classic horror fun, this is much recommended. It includes the classics such as “Bats in My Belfry” (science goes wrong for one professor who wants a bat’s hearing), “Séance!” (in which a mean man tries to debunk a medium by requesting the challenging of his very lively wife), and “The Trophy” (the story that everyone knows even if not familiar with the Crypt version—man is the most challenging form of hunting!). The volume itself is sturdy and worth the expensive price. I just wish it were in color.

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