Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Since You Asked

Since You Asked
Maurene Goo
$17.99, Hardcover
Scholastic, 2013

Genre: Realistic, Humor

Age: 12+

Description: Holly Kim is the main copy editor for her high school newspaper. One day, bored out of her mind, she takes the popular girl’s column about how awesome high school is and “tweaks” it with her little red pen, completely lampooning high school and its’ ridiculous cliques and rituals. When her revised column accidentally gets published instead of the real one the reaction is huge and it lands her not only dirty looks from the popular kids and congrats from the outsiders but her own column as well. Now she has to survive a lot of stuff she wasn’t planning on dealing with her sophomore year (Homecoming? Mean girl parties? Romance?) all while trying to appease her very traditional Korean parents without being driven mad.

Opinion: Sadly, I read this book a while ago. I’ve been so busy with my Summer Reading Program that I have had no time whatsoever to do my reviews! L I remember breezing through this book. It read very quickly (in fact one of my teens was able to finish the ARC in one sitting). Holly is the typical Asian student who is trying to defy her traditional parents without really hurting their feelings. She, however, has some major spunk to her—she is a bit mean spirited so her form of humor can border on truthful and spiteful at the same time. However, she is a very strong character. She is not only smart and nerdy and loyal to her friends but she also bravely faces struggles with identity, peer pressure, and the pressure from parents. It was a fast read and super fun.  

Thanks to Candace Greene at Scholastic for the ARC for the YALSA YA Galley Group!

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