Monday, December 10, 2012

Index of 50 Materials for LIBR 265

Final Blog AssignmentMaterials Blog of 50 Items

For my YA Materials class this semester (Fall 2012), I had, as a final project, to complete a blog of 50 items recommended for a teen library collection aimed at readers 15-18 years old. Since I like my professional blog here which was started as the final blog project for LIBR 264: Materials for Tweens and I then decided to keep it and turn it into the blog for my series book thesis work, I just incorporated the LIBR 265 posts within since I didn't really want to create a new blog for more book reviews and I love the look of my blog (hello original Nancy Drew orange endpapers!). This is why you'll see the formats of the posts being rather different from one to another (there are essentially three "styles" on here--the requirements for LIBR 264 posts, the requirements for LIBR 265 posts, and my own musings on the books for my thesis--so there is a purpose to the chaotic styling!)

Below is the alphabetical list of titles required for the LIBR 265 blog project. If interested in seeing just these entries, they can be found by clicking on the LIBR 265 tag at the end of the post. (I wasn't going to be horrible and make my poor professor sift through tons of blog posts to find the ones for her class! I'm not cruel!)

1 Adventures into the Unknown (Volume 1)
2 Adventures of Pete & Pete
3 Arkham Horror
4 Bad Island
5 Batman: Knightfall (Volume 1)
6 Bitter End
7 Breaking Beautiful
8 Carrie Diaries
9 Case Closed (Volume 1)
10 Clue
11 Crazy Beautiful
12 Faking Faith
13 Future of Us
14 Getting Over Garrett Delaney
15 Ghost Flower
16 Gilt
17 Gloom
18 Karma Club
19 Kiki
20 Leviathan
21 Loser/Queen
22 love & leftovers
23 Mango Languages
24 Mega Ran
25 My Life Undecided
26 Ouran High School Host Club
27 Pretty Crooked
28 Raised by Wolves
29 Reality Check
30 Riding Invisible
31 Ripple
32 rosebush
33 School Rumble
34 Secret Letters
35 Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers
36 Seventeen
37 Sirenz
38 Sometimes It Happens
39 Stay
40 Strings Attached
41 Sweet Venom
42 Tessa Masterson Will Go to Prom
43 This is Not a Test
44 Trafficked
45 TransWorld SKATEboarding
46 Trial by Fire
47 Various Positions
48 Vindico
49 Wicked Girls: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials
50 Zombie Queen of Newbery High

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