Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A New Beginning!

My blog, In All Series-ousness, was originally created for my Materials for Tweens class. I loved the format of it and didn't really want to redesign a new blog for my thesis research, so I decided to incorporate the old version into my new professional blog.

So a lot of the older entries you'll see are book reviews aimed at tween books (9-13) that I read for the final blog project of my Materials for Tweens class. You will also see a lot of teen books popping up soon too because, once again, I don't want to create another blog for my current Materials for YA class either so I just will post them to this blog. The other big purpose of this blog will be highlighting the series books I read for my thesis, “A Socioeconomic and Political History of America as Seen Through the Pages of Youth Series Fiction, 1899 to the Present Day.”

Therefore, since there technically are at least three purposes to this blog—tween books, teen books, and series books—you might notice that the elements for the blog posts different and this is due in part to the requirements of the classes and professors themselves. You can find certain books by searching the labels if you so need too. These include genre labels, format labels, and other labels like Tween, YA, Series (New) and Series (Vintage).

Since I am a Young Adult Librarian, I will also try to blog about certain aspects of my work that others might find interesting and educational. For example, my teens are starting a Media Club this year and they want to help me make more Dinosaur Book Trailers so when we start making videos I will post links here to them and talk about other exciting news!

Until then, please bear with me on the multiple uses of this blog now that it is changing from a project for my Materials to Tweens class to a multi-use blog. I hope to start getting into updating it frequently so that it is exciting, entertaining, and enlightening to others.

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