Saturday, January 28, 2012



This blog's current main purpose is to be a reading record for my Spring 2012 LIBR 264 class: Materials for Tweens. I hope in the future to incorporate all other types of books into it as well.

Even though I will read lots of books, including series, for this class, I designed my blog to meet a certain personal taste of mine, which is classic series books. My love of the history of youth literature led to my current thesis project about the historical importance of youth series fiction which historically has been dismissed by critics and librarians alike as “trash” books. The title of my thesis is “A Socioeconomic and Political History of America as Seen through the Pages of Youth Series Fiction, 1899 to the Present Day.”

The background image on this blog features my favorite color (orange) and is one of the many endpaper images found in the early Nancy Drew hardcovers.

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